Features and Installation of Rayzer Wide Beams [Guide]

By | October 14, 2019

The Rayzer RS is a different kind of wide beam driving light which was discovered in Europe. It is considered one of the brilliant ideas we have ever seen in such a long period of time specially designed to help car drivers in rally to improve their driving performance, especially at night.

Rayzer has set a whole new standard by being the first auxiliary light that can be launched inside the car. The traditional auxiliary lights are difficult to mount and also very easy to steal. Their performance is often affected by becoming messy in adverse weather conditions and easily broken by stones or gets affected in accidents. It also allows you to have the benefits of auxiliary lights. The Rayzer sits cautiously inside the vehicle and is designed in a way that fits into the modern vehicle interiors effortlessly

Performance and Elegant Swedish Design of Rayzer:

Rayzer Wide Beams

This Swedish company was founded in 2006 with the invention of the Rayzer wide beam light. It designs the car accessories that increase the safety and performance of vehicles. A professional formula race-car driver and safety driving instructor, Lars Svelander, is the researcher of famous brand Rayzer compared to the normal driving lights. It has a higher placement which brightens up a much wider area. If there’s not enough clearance between the rearview mirror and the windshield, there is always an option to remove the mirror and then stick it onto the Rayzer. It makes driving at night safer.

As you can see more clearly the road and can easily avoid more dangers. So many accidents occur every night because of people carelessness and unable to see fallen trees or animals that appear unexpectedly from the other side of the road. Extra reaction time can make all the difference for the safety of you and your co-passengers.

Rayzer helps your eyes stay fresh as it doesn’t put strain on your eyes and has both physical and mental effect that can make a driver drowsy. Conserving your energy and being able to see more makes driving at night a whole new and different experience with Rayzer.

Features of Rayzer Wide Beams

  1. It is compact in size but its performance is appreciable.
  2. At the time of the sunset Rayzer RS automatically gets active.
  3. It is triggered wirelessly by the high beam switch as the HID Xenon bulbs convert has such a strong effect that it converts night into day.
  4. It comes with three times more illumination than the other standard halogen headlights.
  5. The life of the lights in Rayzer are rated for around 3,000 hours or five years of normal driving.
  6. The position and small size of Rayzers keep it convenient for the drivers by not disturbing his vision.
  7. Rayzer’s higher position on the vehicle gives drivers considerably better radiance.
  8. It is the first innovation that revaluates the whole concept of auxiliary lights compared to normal auxiliary lights. This HID Xenon light spectrum is specially designed to match your eye’s own visual spectrum, which makes it much more comfortable having a night vision.
  9. HID capsules are easily replaceable.
  10. Rayzer is wirelessly coincided with the car’s high-beams and can be turned on and off only by flicking of the same switch.
  11. Also, the light level could be rearranged, for example, two Rayzer lamps can be organized in height and breadth while just turning the knob either before starting the car or while driving.
  12. The Rayzer also takes your car’s appearance and aerodynamics into account with its stylish and elegant design.
  1. Not similar to traditional auxiliary lights are fixed on the exterior of vehicles so that drivers don’t have to sacrifice designs of the vehicle for superior visibility.

Takes Away the Risk of Night Driving

Features of Rayzer Wide Beams - Takes Away the Risk of Night Driving

As less than 30% of driving is done at night and it accounts for over 60% of traffic tragedies. Rayzer lights drive you safe at night and the risk reduces to almost 70% mainly because 90% of drivers depends on the vision. As even with traditional headlights, vision gets reduced from 20/20 to 20/50 at night time with color recognition and peripheral vision all being deteriorated. If you are forty or older, then there is alot possibility that you start noticing the effects of night blindness as studies have found that visual degradation is the major reason for all night accidents as the night vision starts declining once you turn the age of 30. These night driving risks could be reduced if you get better optical input. The Society of Automotive Engineers investigated this in detail and concluded that conventional headlights cannot be designed to produce sufficient radiance to overpower the drivers decreased visual capabilities.

Therefore the traditional approach is required to make roads brighter and lessen the night crashes this task could be done by Rayzer by increasing the spectrum of light provided to the driver and also broaden the angle of radiance to include more of the fringe, where accidents threats such as animals, cars or pedestrians often arise.

Installation of Rayzer Wide Beams

  1. Installing and mounting Rayzer is very quick and simple. Moreover it is recommended that installation is to be handled by the dealer or an automobile professional as the process can also easily be completed by non-professionals too.
  2. The carbon fiber Rayzer module is easily snapped behind the rearview mirror by using a docking plate which gets attached to the windshield.
  3. Rayzerfitted has a sleek design and can be discreetly mounted inside the vehicle, Its elegant design balances its form along with function.
  4. The ace electronic expert, Mike Ohre who accomplished this task of adding new lights easily and also increased night time safety for vehicles.
  5. The Installation of these lights is effortless and takes about an hour only.
  6. The Rayzer works in a best way on the windshields with a rake of 29 degrees because of its design it can be plus or minus three degrees, so before installing it is essential to check the details.
  7. The soft rubber border around the circumference hamper any light leaks while the lights are in use.
  8. It is mounted at the eye level of the driver seat and puts the lights exactly where you need it uphold by four suitable thumb wheels which allows you to aim the lights on the dot both the horizontal and vertical axis..
  9. Also the additional docking plates are available from the producer, as it is easy to share among multiple vehicles. The Rayzer is convenient as well as helps and prevent the risk of theft.

The Swedish company was founded in 2006 with the invention of the Rayzer wide beam light. Former professional formula race-car driver and current safety driving instructor, Lars Svelander, is the inventor of Rayzer.

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