How to Buy a New Car? – Tips for Buying a New Car

By | October 5, 2019

Nowadays buying a new car is indeed a difficult task. The buyers are usually confused due to the extensive options and opinions, which makes them indefinite with their choice. As every year new models are launched by auto manufacturers, with advanced safety features making it all the more difficult for buyers with world-class brands available near to them. We’ve provided here a list of several important new car buying tips and tricks that you should follow.

As Car dealers generally make most of their profit by providing a wide variety of add-on products like protection from theft, asset protection, tire, and key replacement plans and extended warranties. Smart Financing is necessary so that it does not impact your financial strategy. Read this new car buying guide carefully.

Important Tips for Buying New Car

guide to buy a new car, tips and tricks

  • Don’t Be Influenced By Advertisements:

With a growing range of models, you will probably find several cars that will fit your budget. Advertisements and salesmen can mislead so verify important points while buying a new car.

  • Don’t Scrimp on Safety:

Car dealers are offering options like airbags as they are becoming very popular. Yes these life-saving features will cost extra. In our opinion, they are even worth it.

  • Trade-in car buying:

Auto dealers offer various exchange options of old vehicle when buying a new one. Often the price offered in such cases is lower than when you sell your car independently.

  • List your requirements in car buying:

The most significant step of the new car buying process is drafting your demands.

  1. Want to go for Automatic or Manual
    Automatic transmissions are becoming increasingly popular. As automatic transmission variants cost more and give a lower mileage. All these factors should be considered before making a choice.
  2.  Petrol or Diesel
    Petrol version of cars are cheaper as it goes without saying that petrol is much more exorbitant than diesel. The operating cost of a diesel car can be lower. Whereas diesel variants cost more and also need higher maintenance.

Best Way to Buy a New Car is Through Proper Budget and Financing

To aspire for bigger and better cars, check your loan eligibility first to save yourself from the hassle of dealing with the down payment. A transparent documentation process is done for the approval of the loan. More than considering the on-road price of a car keeps in mind the monthly maintenance cost of the car. This new car buying guide will help you save money, get the best deal, and hopefully, reduce the amount of stress involved with purchasing a new car.

As the daily running cost also plays an important role in buying a new car as the high maintenance cost car Also taking a loan against fixed deposits leads to very profitable interest rates and minimum paperwork. As banks usually give loans against fixed deposits.

  • Approach a Dealership:

Always remember to approach a company authorized dealership to inquire rather than reading it when buying new car rather than reading only online. Inquire to the sales person to be fully assured about the features, gearbox, engine, mileage, audio system, brakes etc. Be clear and sorted in your mind before purchasing it.

  • Take a Test Drive:

The car may be noticeable, the interiors might be luxurious and even the features could fascinate you but you must take the test drive of the car for a kilometer in order to get totally assured about its performance. The engine is the heart and soul of a car and driving comfort are crucial ingredients of a car that should be tried and tested thoroughly before you make any decision.

  • Query on Discounts:

The auto dealer manufacturers may hide several offers and discounts on the products. So, either go search online. The offers and discounts can make a real difference in the final price so if the final on-road price, appears good then seal the deal by purchasing the car and negotiate the terms.

  • Look at Both New and Used Cars:

Buying a gently used car is actually the best way to save money when purchasing a car. Unfortunately, the supply of used cars has decreased drastically. Due, prices for used cars have increased over time, buying new cars a more realistic option. Ultimately, the buying process with an open mind and considering both new and used cars are more important before making your final decision.

  • Be a smart buyer:

Car dealers are famous for offering very attractive monthly offers to potential buyers. Be sure to always negotiate based on the price of the car, and not the monthly payments. There could be extra, hidden costs in the prices including various taxes and delivery fees and also dealership charges too.

  • Avoid the Add-ons:

Buying a new car is a major purchase, and you may be paying its installments over the next several years. If you finance your car as the overall costs of car accessories is skyrocketing so the add-ons should be minimum.

  • Extended warranty is of no use:

The extended car warranties offered by dealerships are very expensive and the coverage is very limited and also doesn’t cover the costs of different types of mechanical failure often occurred in new cars. You should have a car with a manufacturer’s warranty that along with the complete coverage of your vehicle.

  • Features and Controls:

Ensure that everything is easy to use while flipping on the air, locate the turn signals, and also by turning on the windshield wipers. Some people cannot handle certain switches, buttons, or levers in some cars.

We gave you the essential information you need to choose, buy, finance, and maintain a new car. Hope this new car buying guide will help you.


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